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Mr. Haught,

I have attended many high profile camps over the past three years (Kevin Durant, LeBron James, NBA top 100, All American Camp) and have the priviledge of working out with many great people. I thought that those workouts would be the best that I have ever had, until I went to see Robbie (Cleveland Basketball School). It was more intense and a much harder workout than I ever imagined. The dribbling skills were incredible and he never seemed to let us rest, he was constantly teaching. I believe that he is one of the best "dribbling teacher" that I have ever worked with. Besides working hard every minute we also had fun. I would highly recommend all basketball players of all ages to sign up for his classes, it is well worth it. I hope that these skills help me over the next four years while I am playing in College.

- Kenny Kaminski
2012 Michigan State Basketball Recruit


Feel free to use any or all of the following testimonial: I have been in or around basketball my entire life. Having grown up in Indiana, some of my fondest childhood memories are of my Dad sharing the stories of the teams, coaches, and players that made "Hoosier Hysteria." God was the most important person in our household, followed closely by Bob Knight. When I played, I participated in camps, clinics, and classes, but nothing I ever did or witnessed prepared me for what I saw Robbie put my 15 year old son through. Because my son attends an out-of-state boarding school my first opportunity to enroll him in Robbie's dribbling class was during my son's most recent Spring Break. It was only an hour class, but the drills he learned are ones he has taken back to school with him because he recognized that doing what Robbie taught him was the only way he is going to get better. My son's school's Headmaster (who incidentally was captain of his Yale basketball squad) was so impressed with the drills my son brought back that the he is requiring the entire team to do them.

Now, my son looks forward to coming back home for summer break for more than the obvious reason of school being completed; he wants to get back in Robbie's gym. As a parent (who funds my son's dribbling classes), I especially appreciate that Robbie has a well thought out plan for every class and there is no downtime. The entire hour is focused as it should be; on excellence.

- Ryan

Quality instruction of basketball fundamentals combined with a John Wooden type of commitment to repetition, repetition, repetition of fundamentals in a fun and nurturing environment is the best recipe for growth and long-term success, on and off the court. What sets the Cleveland Basketball School apart from other providers is the rigorous development of skills – physical, mental, and emotional. Whether it’s a player headed to Division I or a young athlete just starting out, the Cleveland Basketball School is bound to help him or her find the fun in fundamentals: hard work, respect, and love of the game.

- Mark Siwik, Parent, Youth Coach, Stress Management Consultant

In basketball the correlation between ball-handling and self-confidence on the the court is unmistakable. As a former high school head coach, I see a player's court awareness and all parts of their game elevate when they attain a high level of proficiency with the ball.

I enjoyed watching two junior high athletes, one boy and one girl, grow in all phases of the game as a direct result of attending the Cleveland Basketball School's classes. After performing the intricate skills in Coach Paul's sessions, the ball-handling necessary in a game became basic and effortless for each of them.

This is the best basketball learning situation I have had the pleasure to witness, and only wish it had been available to me and my teams when I was coaching.

- Rhonda Funkhouser, Claymont High School

The pressure for year round league play continues to increase for our children at a very young age for all sports. Basketball is different than most sports, skills have to be learned and practiced, extensively. All experts agree the development of fundamental skills continues to diminish for our youth in basketball.

Paul Haught and The Cleveland Basketball School understand this and provide a great avenue for skill development in a fun, upbeat, hard working environment. Not only will your child improve their skills, fundamentals and confidence in basketball, they will be developing skills and lessons to succeed in life. The Cleveland Basketball School is a “must do” for the basketball player looking to take their game to the next level.

- Jim H.

My son Brian is 10 yrs. old & one of the youngest in your class.

He comes home & states that he’s slightly intimidated by all the skills & knowledge thrown @ him all @ once & how you don’t take any slacking off from any of the class attendees.

I keep telling him that this is one of the best “ life lessons” he’s going to get other than from his parents. I just tell him to keep trying his best, don’t give up & all will be fine!

I really think your program is terrific & hope to sign him up for the next session.

Thanks for all your efforts in trying to make our children better athletes & members of society!

- Jerry L.

I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how solid your training sessions are. You and Robbie push these kids with incredible drills and enthusiasm which allows the boys to set realistic short and long term goals for the upcoming basketball season. I played in the 80's and went to many camps but your program is the best I have seen.

You cover every facet to create a well rounded basketball player. Your shooting, core body development, dribbling, and defensive drills become part of the boys daily routines when they go to the gym. To see my son's basketball skills, work habit, and tenacity increase during his short time with you only drives him more in both basketball and life. He definitely stands out because of you and Robbie. Keep up the great work and we'll see you in the upcoming weeks.


Ed H.

you were a wonderful coach and I hope all of those kids and their families can appreciate your knowledge of the game. I learned so much from you and not just the game of basketball. As an adult/parent, when I look back, you taught me so much more than just basketball. There are so many things, but what stands out most are the values of being committed, working hard for your goals and being responsible for all that you do, gosh Paul and I hope we can use sports to teach our kids the way we were taught.

Thank you!!!!

Lu Batcho Mayhan

Coach, This Saturday Kasey and Kyla competed at the Great Lake semi nationals of the Elks Hoop Shoot. They both faced the state champion of Michigan and Indiana. Kasey and Kyla both won in their age divisions and are heading on an all expense paid trip to Springfield Mass. on April 28th to compete in the nationals.

Kasey also won best shooter of the event award of any age. According to the Elks they are both 1 in approx 70,000 who entered in their age divisions throughout the 3 states. Thank you coach for taking the time to work with Kasey & Kyla the week leading up to this contest. It is truly appreciated.

I thought you would like to know that my sister and I both took 1st place at the district Elks Hoop Shoot at Ravenna High School. Thanks for all your help with basketball and I can't wait for Ball Handling class

The Jamison Family, Salem, OH

I had Paul and the Cleveland Basketball School come down for one of our 10 coaching days this summer. I thought this day was the most beneficial day we spent with our team all summer. Our staff is always looking for ways to motivate our players on what it takes to improve on their own in the off-season. Paul's drills and message he gave our players that day was outstanding!!

Larry Kukura, Alliance Boys Basketball Coach

We have been so impressed with your program. You do a fantastic job of emphasizing both core basketball skills and core values.

Hi Paul,

The boys are really enjoying the training! It is intense and very different types of drills than they are used to, but that is the idea and they know this will make them better players.

Vinny really likes Robbie and I can see that he responds to him well. That is awesome to see as a parent/coach.

Robbie is a great kid and very talented. Thank him for me and have him keep pushing Vin! :)


The following is my true assessment of Cleveland Basketball School......

In March of 2009 my 9 year old 4th grade daughter Kasey tells me she wants to play basketball (having never played before). I knew nothing about the sport of basketball but did my best to work with her daily. After a month she wanted to try out for an AAU team. She did not make the team, but was determined to not let it happen again. I did some research on the internet and stumbled on Cleveland Basketball School. Desperate for help we signed up and made the bi-weekly 1.5 hour trip to Brecksville for the May 2009 session. After each session her confidence grew. We then did the June session. This past season we played on a local travelling 5th grade team, Kasey was the teams best ball handler and a big part of the teams overall success. This after less than a year of playing basketball. This spring she made her AAU team and was always chosen by her coach to demonstrate each drill at practice. I give all the credit to Cleveland Basketball School for all the drills and teaching of fundamentals. Coach Haught really got through to her. Does my daughter still have alot to learn? You better believe it. One thing I can guarantee is where she will be learning it.

In April of 2010 Kasey and my 7 year old daughter Kyla both attended Robbie Haughts Ball Handling Development Class. Robbie is a young man, but he has a gift of teaching basketball. Put a ball in his hand and he is all business. The girls just loved the 4 classes they had with him. They are always dribbling a ball trying to get as good as Robbie. The whole Cleveland Basketball School experience has been worth way more than any amount of money I have spent. THANK YOU

"The most visible change in today's game is ball handling skills across all positions. This is often what differentiates playing time. Robbie Haught began at an early age and has refined his ball handling through high school, and understands how to teach these skills to players of all ages and abilities. Our 3 children, boys and girls, have become more competitive players, whether Elite level aau or local rec ball, by participating in CBS' fundamental training. The specialized ball handling instruction is a worthwhile extension of CBS' core program."

Ted Parker

"I have been taking my boys to the Cleveland Basketball School now for 3 years. The training has been outstanding and something that I simply could not find elsewhere. One of Robbie Haught's strongest assets is his ability to handle the ball. Robbie has an unusual talent when it comes to ball handling and he communicates great with the kids. If you're goal is to improve your child’s ball handling skills, you've found the right place, and definitely the right trainer!"

Ken Ganley

Our son (8) and daughters (10,11) have participated in Cleveland Basketball School for the past year. The instruction has been top shelf with an appropriate emphasis on fundamentals. Apart from the consistent quality instruction, what sets the CBS program apart is the holistic approach to development of physical, mental, and emotional aspects. The program teaches life skills....focus, effort, attitude...which help build a strong foundation for academics and other activities. And while the program is excellent preparation for those desiring to play at an elite level, Paul Haught is committed to creating a great developmental experience for all participants, irrespective of age or basketball talent. It is great to see the improved confidence that the program nurtures for children of all abilities. As well, the teaching emphais on footwork and agility, provides participants with an important base which is transferable to other sports. CBS has been a very positive experience for our children in many ways and one which we highly recommend.

Ted Parker

This summer a dozen of our players participated in Cleveland Basketball Schools program. Simply put, it made a huge differerence in their ball handling skiils, passing. shooting and confidence. Coach Haught and his staff do an excellent job in detailed instruction and use a number of innovative drills to build skills. I was also impressed with the positive way instruction is provided. Our players loved it and every one of them improved. After seeing one session at CBS I recommended it to every player in our program. We could not have asked for better results.

Coach Gary Tipton

Hello Paul,

Good to meet you yesterday. I just wanted to thank you. Sarah was excited (and tired) when she left your lesson. It was the first time that I heard her say that she wished she would have been attending your lessons since she was a freshman! She loved the pace, the drills and how it wasn't just shooting a bunch of shots from a bunch of spots on the floor. The mix of dribbling, shooting, and putting together different skills was what she raved about.

She wants to do your other camps and activities you have scheduled through October too. This is the most excited I have seen her about basketball since she started high school! She came out of the gym yesterday beaming!

Thanks again.


Paul, I would like to enter my son again for the workouts at Pinnacle, Starting August if there is room. Just a note, my son's game has risen to a next level. He has become one of the lead scorers on his summer league team. Your workouts are fantastic. He was just a point guard, and not a top ball handler at that. Now he has become a point / 2 guard and gives other teams fits. He pushes the ball up the floor like a Middle school kid. I can't wait to see what the August session will do to his fall league play. My son is now 10 and soon to be 11 entering 5th grade this year. It is amazing what one session with you has done for him.
Thanks and see you soon!


I would like to thank Paul from Cleveland Basketball School for getting me ready for my college game.
He worked with me on every aspect of my game, from foot work , ball handling to shooting.
Every hour I worked out with Paul was fun, intense and beneficial to my game. Thanks for a great job and I will definitely be back to work with you when
I come back from school.

Kyle Caiola

You have a great thing going, Paul, something not easily found elsewhere.


Lauren asks-talks about your classes all the time. Congrats you made a kid fall in love with the game and more importantly working on the fundamentals of the game!



I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how my son improved from last year. He had his first game last night and did very well. His skills were sharp and he was a leader out on the court. He ended up scoring 18 out of the 35 points in the game. He was very happy with his performance. The hard work and time was well spent at your school and it shows. We'll see you in March.


We can’t thank you enough for being such a big part of our off season training program. My players were truly blown away by the variety and intensity of your non-stop drills. Making hard work fun seems to be what you and the other trainers at Cleveland Basketball School excel at. Please keep up the good work of teaching athletes to be better basketball players. This mission of yours will improve the entire sporting community we cherish.

Jim Koelliker, Southside Swish Basketball

I would like to take a minute and tell you how impressed I am with your program. My husband and I have sent Kaneon to many basketball camps in the past, but none have been as impressive as yours. As a mother, paralegal, and psychology major; I am most impressed with your desire to teach the children matters of "class". I truly appreciate your motivational hand outs. This is a great way to reinforce what we parents try so hard to teach our children. For those children who's parents do not teach them proper behavioral skills, you are providing them with an introduction to concepts that may help them in the future. It's nice to see a coach who cares about his student's behavioral abilities just as much as their physical abilities. I truly appreciate that!

Jennifer Rice

Having been a varsity assistant at the high school level for the past fifteen years, it's too late if a player doesn't have the necessary skills by his junior year. I have seen a lot of basketball trainers over the years. Paul's workouts are for the serious basketball player that wants to take his/her game to another level. I have personally seen the improvement from kids involved in his program from year to year. While it is hard work, he makes it fun and provides the added part of motivating the kids to want to become the best they can be. Paul's program has produced some of the most talented and skilled players in the Greater Cleveland area.

Chuck Russo - St. Peter Chanel High School

I love it.
Paul, one of the things you are doing is developing mental conditioning. In order for players to be conditioned for sustained concentration, for an entire game, is to do it in practice. Coach Wooden was a master at this and his practices, because they were so well planned with no wasted minute, demanded sustained concentration. If I, as a player, let up one second, I'd miss something important, be it a transition to another drill, important fundamental to work on, or something else.

Good job. I love the lunch box.

Swen Nater - former UCLA player under John Wooden and 14 year NBA veteran

I had Paul and the Cleveland Basketball School come down for one of our 10 coaching days this summer. I thought this day was the most beneficial day we spent with our team all summer. Our staff is always looking for ways to motivate our players on what it takes to improve on their own in the off-season. Paul's drills and message he gave our players that day was outstanding!!

Larry Kukura, Alliance Boys Basketball Coach

A special thanks to: The Cleveland Basketball School, one of the finest training programs that I have ever seen. This group uses the most up-to-date basketball techniques with emphasis on skill development and player improvement.

Brod - founder of Starbound D1 Showcase Events

Her coach moved her to the three because of her ball handling and confidence...She continued to work on all the drills your camp introduced to her literally everyday.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks that camp was well worth the price...awesome job


I really think your program has helped him in many ways but especially with ball handling and quickness. I notice an improvment in his skills following sessions with you. Again his ball handling has improved a lot and I think he needs to keep working hard at this as this is one of the weaker areas at HN moving forward. Thanks for asking.

The Cleveland Basketball School's skill development program has had a very positive influence on our son. The program's coaches bring good energy, sound knowledge and an all important ethical approach to skills development.

Mr. and Mrs. D., Broadview Heights, Ohio

You have done the right thing and the kids that have stuck with your AAU program the longest will be the ones who have the better chance to succeed in life. I was asked numerous times of why I drive all the way to Brecksville every winter for 7 years since they were in 2nd and 3rd grade. My answer was because it was the best environment and program for my kids.

You've done a great job Paul. My family thanks you!

Jeff Winrod

Since attending the school, my daughter Jackie's skills have improved. She attributes this to the excellent training she has received from you, Coach Boyko. Keep up the good work.

Jack Kananian

I would like to thank Paul from Cleveland basketball School for getting me ready for my college game. He worked with me on every aspect of my game, from foot work , ball handling to shooting. Every hour I worked out with Paul was fun, intense and beneficial to my game. Thanks for a great job and I will definitely be back to work with you when I come back from school.

Kyle Caiola

Coach, I just completed the August session at the Pinnacle and wanted to thank you. I have been to numerous camps and clinics throughout Ohio and West Virginia since I was in the third grade and yours was by far the best. Every day was different and challenging. I know the adjustments you made to my shot will show immediate improvements. I am looking forward to the Elite workouts. Thanks again.

Tyler Brabson
10th grader
Coventry High School

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