Our Mission is to Help the Children and Young Adults of Belize with their Basketball Dreams. The Cleveland Basketball School students donate shoes, pants, shirts and socks monthly and the CBS coaches donate basketball equipment and coaching skills training. 100% of the cash donations are used on equipment and shipping costs. We have 1,500-1,600 students each year that donate plenty of clothing items. Our challenge is raising the cash funds for shipping costs. My personal goal is to see every child that wants to play basketball is wearing shoes on their feet!

The History of Hoop Dreams Belize

In January 2012 Coach Bernie Tarr, Director of Belize Basketball, Central America invited CBS to travel to Belize. He planned a program for skills training by the Cleveland Basketball School for their National Teams, two Universities, and some local students in all 6 districts in Belize.

The name of Hoop Dreams Belize was created by Belize Coach Brad Neals from Belize City.

In March 2012 CBS parents and students began to collect the gifts and money for shipping.

Since the program started, 686 lbs and 10oz of items have been shipped at a cost of $3493.30 and hundreds of dollars of coaching equipment have been sent by CBS coaches to Coach Raymond Sanchez of the Toledo District of Belize. You can see the impact of Hoop Dreams Belize if you look at the pictures and letters the children sent to our CBS parents and students.

Another amazing impact was during our trip we saw two girls playing basketball, six months later after the first shipment, Coach Raymond (Spy) Sanchez called me and said “Coach Paul, I have 36 girls just in my program in Toledo!”

Please call me with any advice, ideas, or comments.

Paul Haught

Cleveland Basketball School



UPDATE: We returned to Belize again this summer of 2015. To see videos and photos from our trip click here.

Coach Paul,

Dear Paul, I just want to let you know what an incredible job you and Robbie did on your visit to Belize. As the Director of Basketball for the country of Belize,one of my jobs is to improve skill development throughout the country and what the Cleveland Basketball School did in those 5 days was incredible. The players are still talking about how intense, organized and challenging the drills were. They were amazed at Robbies ballhandling skills and how hard he worked at them. Once again thanks for everything. You guys opened eyes for Belize Basketball.

Coach Bernie Tarr
Director of Bball
Belize Central America

Dear Paul and Robbie,

I just want to say thanks from all of Belize basketball enthusiasts. What a thrill it was for me to see the Belize high school all star team go through a great skill training session where the players never lost focus for the full hour you and Robbie put them through. On our eleven day trip to the King`s James Classic all of the guys commented on how INSPIRING YOU GUYS MAKE WORKING ON YOUR GAME FUN. THEY CAN`T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO RETURN TO BELIZE.

Coach Bernie Tarr
Director of Bball
Belize Central America