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The Cleveland Basketball School becomes an Affiliate of Ganon Baker Basketball the #1 Basketball Skills Trainer in the World.

Message From Ganon Baker: Let's Welcome Robbie and Paul Haught! They have a wonderful basketball program out of Cleveland. Paul brings a wealth of basketball knowledge, wisdom ,and experience to us. Robbie is our YOUNGEST skill coach, and I am excited to grow with them. Their program is one of the Best on the East Coast. Their program gets results and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone! Welcome aboard!

The Cleveland Basketball School is
Currrently Training at 3 Locations with a
4th Cleveland Location Coming Soon:
Brecksville, Medina, Twinsburg


Dear Paul and Robbie,

I just want to say thanks from all of Belize basketball enthusiasts. What a thrill it was for me to see the Belize High School All Star Team go through a great skill training session where the players never lost focus for the full hour you and Robbie put them through. On our eleven day trip to the King James Classic all of the players commented on how inspiring you guys make working on your game fun. They cant wait for you guys to return to Belize!


Coach Bernie Tarr
Technical Officer for Belize Basketball

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I wanted to thank you and Robbie for running a great operation – it is efficient, organized, motivational and in my opinion gives a young player the skills which, if they apply and work on outside of class help them become better players. Our daughter Megan attended three or four sessions at Twinsburg from last spring through the fall. She attended them during track, softball, and cross country seasons. I always asked if she wanted to go and her answer was always an emphatic YES.

Last year she was an occasional starter on her eighth grade team. As a freshman this year she is starting varsity as an undersized post player. She has always had a love for the game, which as you know can't be taught or coached, and is willing to work hard but I believe the dramatic improvement in her skills, ability, sense of the game and confidence would not have happened without your classes. Anyone who asks how she has improved so much during the offseason, I tell them hard work and attending CBS. We will be back for another set of classes once her basketball season is over.

John Cymanski

CBS has trained students from across the country & internationally with attendees coming from Mansfield, Toledo & Columbus as well as California, Michigan & even Canada as well as training the Belize, national Team in Central America!

Hoops for heroes camp, Rittman, OH, July 1-3, 2013
Coach Paul & Head CBS Skills Trainer Robbie Haught & Ganon Baker - #1 Basketball Skills Trainer in the World

Shemar Morrow, the #1 Rated 6th Grader in the MIdwest, USA and his brother, Devin Hightower, the #30 Rated 6th Grader in the Midwest, USA: DEVELOPED BY CBS AND TRAINING NOW WITH CBS

CBS Head Trainer Robbie Haught working out Carl "Tay" Jones, 4 year point guard at St. Joseph University 3rd most points in St. Joseph's history, former AAU player for Coach Paul

Nike Skills Academy Top College & HS Players, New Jersey, June 24, 2013. Coach Paul with Alan Stein, nationally Renowed Basketball Agility & Conditioning Coach

CBS Head trainer Robbie Haught works out Kent State's all time leading 3 point shooter Randal Holt

Twinsburg CBS Staff Paul Haught, Joey Haught, Robbie Haught,
and Kevin Matlock

CBS students and staff finish up latest CBS video shoot.

Coach Paul's former AAU player Anthony Wells of Shaker Heights and IUP along with Anthony's father, Dave Brown, and grandfather, Steve Houseworth.

CBS Testimonials

Mr. Haught,

I have attended many high profile camps over the past three years (Kevin Durant, LeBron James, NBA top 100, All American Camp) and have the priviledge of working out with many great people. I thought that those workouts would be the best that I have ever had, until I went to see Robbie (Cleveland Basketball School). It was more intense and a much harder workout than I ever imagined. The dribbling skills were incredible and he never seemed to let us rest, he was constantly teaching. I believe that he is one of the best "dribbling teacher" that I have ever worked with. Besides working hard every minute we also had fun. I would highly recommend all basketball players of all ages to sign up for his classes, it is well worth it. I hope that these skills help me over the next four years while I am playing in College.

Kenny Kaminski
2012 Michigan State Basketball Recruit

2012 Michigan State Recruit Kenny Kaminski with Coach Paul Haught & CBS Head Trainer Robbie Haught

Coach Paul and Robbie work first event with Ganon Baker at National Girls Skills Select, March 23-24, 2013 Columbus

Mihai Raducanu (No Limit Performance Canada), James Turner (Dominate The Lane), Ganon Baker (Ganon Baker Basketball), Coach Paul, (Cleveland Basketball School), Jessica Brokaw (Bluefield College, Va. ,Women`s Basketball)

Robbie Haught (Head Skills Trainer, Cleveland Basketball School), Mihai Raducanu (No Limit Performance Canada), Ganon Baker (Ganon Baker Basketball), Pam Hartford (Columbus Watterson High School), Jessica Brokaw (Bluefield College, Va. ,Women`s Basketball)

Ganon Baker and Coach Paul at Stations

CBS Travels to the Country of Belize, Central America to train their National Teams and College Players

Coach Paul,

Dear Paul, I just want to let you know what an incredible job you and Robbie did on your visit to Belize. As the Director of Basketball for the country of Belize,one of my jobs is to improve skill development throughout the country and what the Cleveland Basketball School did in those 5 days was incredible. The players are still talking about how intense, organized and challenging the drills were. They were amazed at Robbies ballhandling skills and how hard he worked at them. Once again thanks for everything. You guys opened eyes for Belize Basketball.

Coach Bernie Tarr
Director of Bball
Belize Central America

Coach Paul and Head Trainer Robbie with Belize coaches
Brad and Coach Spy

Belize U18 National Team, Coaches, and CBS Staff

Belize U18 players

How refreshing it is to see CBS teach players, no matter skill level, about the fundamentals of the game of basketball while mixing in life skills. Coach Paul and Rob's enthusiasm for the game rubs off quickly on the players and in turn makes the players want to work hard and have fun while doing the drills. What sets CBS apart from most other basketball schools is that Coach Paul and Rob show the players that they care about their progress and well being by giving special attention to each player no matter if their the best player or a player just starting out.

Kevin Siroki
Director of Athletics
Head Basketball Coach
Galen University Belize, Central America

Hello Paul and Robbie,

I just wanted to let you know that Justin made the Junior Varsity basketball team this year. I am convinced that your basketball school, and the wonderful influence that you had on his perspective, his skills, and his drive for excellence, played a huge role in him being successful. Keep up the great work! We have been very proud to recommend your school to friends and to anyone we can.

Debra Tulloch


We are really happy that we signed up Zach for your Twinsburg classes, I've been involved in sports my whole life and I've never seen a better learning environment than the one you and your team have created. I love how well the players (young and old) work together and encourage one another. I also find myself echoing portions of your post-practice talks that I think are especially important for him to work on (e.g. keeping your eyes on your coach when he's talking to you).

CBS Parent & Supporter

Good morning Coach Paul,

I first wanted to thank you. Our son Maison started working with you in May at the Twinsburg location and he absolutely loves it. We have utilized many different basketball programs over the last couple of years and none can even compare to the level of your program. We are so thrilled that we have found you. Maison really loves playing basketball and I think that your program has encouraged that even more.

Thank you!

Staci Ross

Paul & Robbie,

Our two children, one in High School the other Middle School, participated in CBS for over six months before their school seasons. The improvements on their school teams, from one season to the next exceeded our expectations. Our children had the following thoughts on the Cleveland Basketball School experience: "First two weeks are the hardest, much improved in ball handling, footwork, and stamina, by staying with CBS you can see yourself improve, and it's FUN". As parents this past basketball season has been a pleasure to watch our children play on their school teams, and see basketball skills learned at CBS being applied on the court. Each of our children has had their most rewarding season playing basketball.

Thank you from our entire family,
Bill and Linda Spehn

Hi Paul,

My husband and I think the training is great, and we're so glad that she enjoys it. She is a hard worker, but the personal attention and encouragement that she gets from the coaches really "make" the session for her. She was a little intimidated at first she thought it would be all serious and no fun, but has since discovered that the coaches are really "nice" and that there IS time for fun mixed in with the work, and she feels that she's doing well, which makes her want to work even harder so we're very happy! Also, of course, the skills work is amazing and like nothing else she's done although she's played basketball for 3 years. The difference in what she's learning here vs. what she's learned playing for a club team is…well, there's no comparison. We feel very fortunate that this level of training is available only 25 minutes from home!

Kerry Orywal

Hello Paul,

I just wanted to say that I believe your skills camp is absolutely fantastic for all involved. You and your son really demonstrate the passion not only for the sport, but to become a better person and successful in life. As I watch the participants they really enjoy the drills as they know they strive to improve at each session. I will definitely promote your camp to all who I come in contact with as I believe the skills you teach are pertinent to the game. My daughter really enjoys the camp and feels she has become a little stronger and more confident in her abilities. So thank you both very much, I will definitely return to your camp with Casey and hopefully many others.

Best Regards,
Tom Cummings

Coach Paul,

You and Robbie have truly been blessed with the ability to teach. Logan's love for the game is growing every day thanks to your program. I will be sending payment for the January Twinsburg skills session after the holiday, in fact just count him in for the entire year provided you continue to have room for him. We will see you at the Holiday Clinic as well.

Frank Villamagna

Coach Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that Julia has decided to take some time off so she will not be at basketball. Thank you for everything and hopefully she will find her way back to your club. I have told many people about you guys and I think you have the BEST club around. You teach kids way more about life and reality than they realize. Thanks for everything and for making her feel so good about basketball. I really hope we end up back on the court with you guys. Continue on you guys are AWESOME.

Jackie Wendl

Good morning Paul,

I really would like to thank you and Robbie for letting my son RJ into the ball handling sessions. He really was apprehensive about it at first, and now he is practicing daily with the drills that he has learned from Robbie. He is attending conditioning for his JV team and his coach has noticed a drastic improvement in his ball handling skills which have boosted his confidence level up tremendously, so thank you again, it's great to see.

Scott W. Dean

Coach Paul,

By the way, he loves your teaching, and told me that he learned more in one session then he did at the other camps that were weeklong prior to your training.

Zenon Lis


Paul, Feel free to use any or all of the following testimonial: I have been in or around basketball my entire life. Having grown up in Indiana, some of my fondest childhood memories are of my Dad sharing the stories of the teams, coaches, and players that made "Hoosier Hysteria." God was the most important person in our household, followed closely by Bob Knight. When I played, I participated in camps, clinics, and classes, but nothing I ever did or witnessed prepared me for what I saw Robbie put my 15 year old son through. Because my son attends an out-of-state boarding school my first opportunity to enroll him in Robbie's dribbling class was during my son's most recent Spring Break. It was only an hour class, but the drills he learned are ones he has taken back to school with him because he recognized that doing what Robbie taught him was the only way he is going to get better. My son's school's Headmaster (who incidentally was captain of his Yale basketball squad) was so impressed with the drills my son brought back that the he is requiring the entire team to do them.

Now, my son looks forward to coming back home for summer break for more than the obvious reason of school being completed; he wants to get back in Robbie's gym. As a parent (who funds my son's dribbling classes), I especially appreciate that Robbie has a well thought out plan for every class and there is no downtime. The entire hour is focused as it should be; on excellence.

Ryan Martin

Dear Coach Paul,

With the multitude of basketball programs available in our area I questioned whether or not Cleveland Basketball School was that much different. Was it really worth taking two hours out of the middle of the day every Saturday and Sunday for a month? After two consecutive months with CBS I can say ABSOLUTELY! You and Robbie have created a program that is truly more than just basketball skills. It teaches agility, speed, focus and commitment. The kids learn the importance of teamwork and what that word means- it's not just passing a ball, it's how you treat others when mistakes are made and things don't go as planned. These are skills and lessons that will serve our kids as "life lessons" well beyond what may happen on the court.

Robbie is a great asset. He is so much more than just a coach, his age makes him a perfect role model for the kids, he is patient and focused, and always takes the time to give them individual encouragement and assistance. You have done a great job there!

We feel so lucky to have found this program while our kids are young, and hope to benefit from many more months of CBS, our 9 year old can't wait to participate!

Thanks again,
Mark and PJ Malnar


My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the immensely positive impact the CBS training has had on our son Andrew. When we moved to Mentor a year ago he started playing basketball for the first time, as a 5th grader. At the time he had a hard time with all aspects of the game with height being his only solid strength. With that, he worked hard and we wanted to find a training program that helped with his improvement efforts. We found that with your training program. He loved the drills, the tempo, the focus on hard work and athleticism, and the positive reinforcement provided by Robbie and yourself. He worked hard at the sessions and practiced just as hard at home. As a result, he improved enough over the past year to make our town's 6th grade travel basketball team. He is very excited and mentioned that it would not have been possible without CBS.

As side note, the emphasis on hard work and athletic ability translated to his having a stand out year in football this fall. Your program's focus on footwork, agility and speed allowed him to differentiate himself and perform at a very high level. He noticed the difference at the first practice and so did the coaches. I guess my point is that the lessons and training provided at CBS are universal and provide a solid base for success for whatever a young athlete wants to accomplish. We discuss this with anyone that we recommend going to CBS.

Football season has finished and our attention is turned to the upcoming basketball season. We look forward to getting back to CBS and watching Andrew take it to the next level.

Ted and Brenda Caldwell


Every once and a while you find a treasure – that something in life you are so beyond thankful you found. That's how we feel about Cleveland Basketball School! Coach Paul, Robbie and his staff are amazing. They teach kids the fundamentals not only in the game of basketball, but in the game of life. They have found the perfect balance of teaching ball handling, shooting, drills, etc. while emphasizing character qualities, hard work, effort and perseverance. They give kids confidence to believe in their own abilities and teach them good work ethics. Our son has grown through these sessions not only in his skills and confidence, but in his passion for the game. Coach Paul and Robbie have made a huge impact in our son's life. Anyone who wants to develop as a player and as a person should go to the Cleveland Basketball School.

Kelly Wistrcill


My daughter in the eighth grade has shown steady improvement in ball handling, agility, footwork and running the floor. She has been with you and Robbie for twenty sessions over 10 weeks, starting the third week in December and going thru the end of February. Teammates have asked how she is getting better at dribbling drills in practice. Parents of other players have notice her improvement. Just last week a referee told my daughter at the end of the game that her play had improved 110% from the fall. What started out as a basketball activity at CBS while the school was closed for the Christmas break has turned into a 4 hour weekly commitment that is exceeding my expectations. Over the last few years my daughter has attended numerous basketball summer camps and none have shown the improved results as your skills sessions. I highly recommend your basketball skills program, as my second daughter in the sixth grade, who started in February, has received notice with regards to her improved skills.

Thank you!


Coach Paul,

I don't know if I should shake your hand, hug you or give you a kiss. From our short discussion a few nights ago, I could tell there was something different about your philosophy. Still, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this, Joe’s first session with CBS. As a shorter kid, he’s used to “looking and playing up”. I want him to get even more used to it and what you put him through today was levels above the countless camps, training, practices and games that Joe's experienced to date. And I mean that with regard to not only skills but also in terms of pace and intensity. Not that it could possibly be much needed, but feel free to give my name/number to any parent that wants to talk about CBS.

Thank you,

Christopher L.


I think you should train coaches and teachers (you probably do). I didn't have the opportunity (or probably the ability, either) to participate in sports when I was young, but I'm so glad it's an option for more girls today. I love sports now and really do recognize so much value in the tenets that you and other great coaches impart. Skills and technique are certainly important, but drive, self-esteem and perseverance make such a huge impact on success. Molding these kids is a huge responsibility and, sadly, so few educators, coaches and role models get that.

Thanks again and see you on Saturday.


Hi Paul,

I am blown away every time I see Robbie run ball handling drills at your camp. The hand and eye coordination needed to pull off some of his drills is simply awesome to watch. My son who will be playing JV as a freshmen has benefited immensely from Robbie's teaching. He goes in knowing he will not be able to duplicate Robbie's drills immediately but to see him practice at home afterwords speaks louder than words. Robbie's dribbling training goes above and beyond by building hand and wrist strength, quick foot work, low body balance, and most of all confidence to have the ball in their hands at crunch time. My only concern is that Robbie will not be around long once the college and pro programs snatch him up. Something he truly deserves. Again, hats off to the BEST all around basketball training center I have come across in 30 plus years.

Great job!

Ed Hansen
Braedon Hansen

In basketball the correlation between ball-handling and self-confidence on the the court is unmistakable. As a former high school head coach, I see a player's court awareness and all parts of their game elevate when they attain a high level of proficiency with the ball.

I enjoyed watching two junior high athletes, one boy and one girl, grow in all phases of the game as a direct result of attending the Cleveland Basketball School's classes. After performing the intricate skills in Coach Paul's sessions, the ball-handling necessary in a game became basic and effortless for each of them.

This is the best basketball learning situation I have had the pleasure to witness, and only wish it had been available to me and my teams when I was coaching.

- Rhonda Funkhouser, Claymont High School

The pressure for year round league play continues to increase for our children at a very young age for all sports. Basketball is different than most sports, skills have to be learned and practiced, extensively. All experts agree the development of fundamental skills continues to diminish for our youth in basketball.

Paul Haught and The Cleveland Basketball School understand this and provide a great avenue for skill development in a fun, upbeat, hard working environment. Not only will your child improve their skills, fundamentals and confidence in basketball, they will be developing skills and lessons to succeed in life. The Cleveland Basketball School is a “must do” for the basketball player looking to take their game to the next level.

- Jim H.

My son Brian is 10 yrs. old & one of the youngest in your class.

He comes home & states that he’s slightly intimidated by all the skills & knowledge thrown @ him all @ once & how you don’t take any slacking off from any of the class attendees.

I keep telling him that this is one of the best “ life lessons” he’s going to get other than from his parents. I just tell him to keep trying his best, don’t give up & all will be fine!

I really think your program is terrific & hope to sign him up for the next session.

Thanks for all your efforts in trying to make our children better athletes & members of society!

- Jerry L.

I wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how solid your training sessions are. You and Robbie push these kids with incredible drills and enthusiasm which allows the boys to set realistic short and long term goals for the upcoming basketball season. I played in the 80's and went to many camps but your program is the best I have seen.

You cover every facet to create a well rounded basketball player. Your shooting, core body development, dribbling, and defensive drills become part of the boys daily routines when they go to the gym. To see my son's basketball skills, work habit, and tenacity increase during his short time with you only drives him more in both basketball and life. He definitely stands out because of you and Robbie. Keep up the great work and we'll see you in the upcoming weeks.


Ed H.

you were a wonderful coach and I hope all of those kids and their families can appreciate your knowledge of the game. I learned so much from you and not just the game of basketball. As an adult/parent, when I look back, you taught me so much more than just basketball. There are so many things, but what stands out most are the values of being committed, working hard for your goals and being responsible for all that you do, gosh Paul and I hope we can use sports to teach our kids the way we were taught.

Thank you!!!!

Lu Batcho Mayhan

Coach, This Saturday Kasey and Kyla competed at the Great Lake semi nationals of the Elks Hoop Shoot. They both faced the state champion of Michigan and Indiana. Kasey and Kyla both won in their age divisions and are heading on an all expense paid trip to Springfield Mass. on April 28th to compete in the nationals.

Kasey also won best shooter of the event award of any age. According to the Elks they are both 1 in approx 70,000 who entered in their age divisions throughout the 3 states. Thank you coach for taking the time to work with Kasey & Kyla the week leading up to this contest. It is truly appreciated.

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Our Recent Perimiter Camp & Point to Post Camp were both a great success!!

 Coach Paul and CBS Trainer Robbie Haught with Doug Saylor
at the Permiter Camp

CBS Students with Coach Paul Haught, Swen Nater (UCLA) and Doug Saylor (LSU) at the Point to Post Camp

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